Terra Firma Engineering Ltd provides geotechnical investigation, design, tendering, construction monitoring and certification for large and small land development (subdivision) projects.

We can undertake the work necessary to provide s224 certification to satisfy the requirements of the Resource Management Act.

Our strengths lie in our availability and provision of service. By being proactive and communicating well with clients, we deliver a quality product to clients and help avoid surprises and minimise delays. Delays in obtaining title cost developers money, and we act swiftly and efficiently to expedite this process.

Typically engaged through a registered Surveyor, we can:

  • carry out initial geotechnical investigations and feasibility studies to optimise proposed lot layouts;
  • define zones on the basis of founding conditions and restrictions on building development;
  • design pavements, drainage and roadway infrastructure;
  • assess ground conditions for individual or subdivision scale on-site wastewater management;
  • act as Inspecting Engineer under NZS 4431:1989;
  • act as Engineer to the Contract under NZS 3910:2013;
  • certify building sites on lots following pegging out by the surveyor.

We are also able to carry out preliminary investigation and assessment work to assist developers with proposals to rezone land under the relevant local authority resource management plan.