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Terra Firma Engineering Ltd provides earthquake damage, landslide assessment and remedial option design services for the Earthquake Commission, a government-owned Crown Entity that provides insurance against natural disaster damage.

We are engaged by the Commission on an ongoing basis to investigate landslips on private insured property and assess imminent risk to residential land and infrastructure. The process is defined and controlled by the Earthquake Commission Act (1993).

We have carried out many investigations over a wide area extending from the Marlborough Sounds to Hokitika. The scope ranges between minor cracks and landslips involving a few square metres of land to much larger events causing widespread property and land damage. We have also been heavily involved in the EQC settlement process in Christchurch, assessing and mapping several thousand properties since the initial earthquake in September 2010. Through our work in Christchurch, we have also contributed to the Engineering Advisory Group and provided rebuild guidance to the Ministry of Building Innovation and Employment.

All claims, regardless of size are evaluated in the same careful methodical manner to bring peace of mind to claimants and ensure that the claim is settled in a timely and appropriate way, within the constraints of the Act.